How to Use the Super-K Subversion Repository

How To Use the Super-K Subversion Repository

svn (Subversion)

Super-K makes use of svn to share and manage code between multiple users. The source code for the SK libraries (as well as various other documents and file) all lives in an svn repository. The code can be “checked out” of the repository, and then compiled and run on various operating systems. Modified code can be checked back in for others to use. Subversion keeps track of different modifications from different users, and can merge them appropriately.

Working with svn

The Subversion website gives full information on how to use svn, but here a few useful commands:

  • To check out the SK software tree, do:
    svn co skofl
  • To list the contents of a directory in the repository:
    svn list
  • To check the status (modified, new, etc.) of files in a directory you are working on:
    svn status
  • To commit a change you have made to the code:
    svn commit -m "Comment on what the change was" filename

    (Always, always give comments for your changes!)

  • To check the differences between a file and the latest file in the repository (the repository “head”):
    svn diff -rHEAD filename

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