How to use condor on Duke machines

Condor is a software for parallel job management. Some basic instructions could be found in condor_intro.

  • To use condor at Duke, you have to log into the condor server, which could only be accessed within the department network.
    ssh condor (This works on desktop in physics department, login1 and neutrino-01)
  • Submit job to condor cluster.
    condor_submit xxx.condor (condor_example is an example script.)
  • Monitor and control job.
    condor_q (status of all jobs on the cluster.)
    condor_q $USER (status of all jobs for a specific user.)
    condor_rm $YOUR_USERNAME (remove all of your jobs. )
    condor_rm cluster.proc/cluster (remove the given job/cluster of jobs.)
  • More information could be found at condor_quickstart.